What do you like to do evening?

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What do you like to do evening?
After I get home from university, around 6 pm, I enjoy putting on same music. Then, I usually sit at home or check my social media account.
What do you like to do at the weekends?
On Saturdays, I usually meet with my friends to play some video games or go for a hike, just as we did this past week.
Then, on Sundays, I usually hang out at home; sometimes I would have friend visits.
Where do you usually buy groceries?
I buy groceries in bazar because it is very close to my house, around 10 minutes by walk.
Who do you go grocery shopping with?
I just go with my mom, or by myself, if I am going with mom, this usually for the bigger shop where we get food for the whole family, and we stock up the fridge and the pantry.
How many languages do you speak?
I speak fluent Uzbek, and I would like to believe I speak good English as well
Why is it important to speak a second language?
I believe that speaking many second or many languages helps you to communicate to more people and at the same time to keep your brain sharp.

What do you like about your home?

I like that it’s really spacious and bright. We’ve got 12-foot-high ceilings and southwest facing windows that really let in the light. It is really, really well-built building as well, so it is really quiet and peaceful.
What is the most popular ball game in your country?
That is an easy one for me. It is football without shadow of a doubt, not only in England, but across the whole of Great Britain. We watch and play it religiously, literally every single Weekend.
What do you do in your spare time?
In my spare time, I like to play football with my friends, and watch also movies with my family. Just another night we watched a new Scorsese film and it was really, really entertaining.
In my leisure time, I like to take long hikes in nature with my friends. Yesterday, for example, we had a very nice hike in the National park.
I am a very active person, so like to do some sort of outdoor activity, like maybe go for a swim or go for a jog.

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my spare time I like to song, dance, and write some music, I have been into these since I was a little child.

Well, when I have some spare time on weekends, I like to hang out with my friends, do something active like sports. I played football with a couple of friends last week, and also, I like to watch movies to relax and recharge my batteries.

Who do you spend your free time with?

As I said, I like to socialize with my friends. Obviously playing football, also with….
Who do you text with the most?
That’s quite a tough question. I would definitely say my brother, and probably my best friend begzod. we text each other quite a few times during the day.
Are you a talkative person?
I would say so, yes. I find it very easy to talk to people, and I like to socialize a lot. I have been told I am actually quite an extrovert.
How did you come to exam?
I came here by car, my friend picked me up at my place and dropped me here 30 minutes before the schedule interview time.
How will you go back home?
The same way.
My friend agreed to take me home, I just need to send him a text message.
Who do you usually spend your time with?
I spend my free time by myself, or with my friends, a couple days ago I hung out with two of my friends. For most of day, catching up and doing shopping.
Why time is valuable?
That is a very interesting question, I think that time is of the great value, because unlike money, no one knows how much they have, I mean, no one knows when they are time on earth will run out, so every moment is precious.
How are feeling today?
I am feeling a bit anxious, because I really want to get a good grade for this exam. Otherwise, I am feeling good.
What do you plan to do after this exam?
After I am done with this exam, I am planning to go to the beach with my friend.

What do you like to do when it is sunny?

As I mention before I really like to go to the beach, and hang out with my friend …
How do you keep yourself cool on hot days?
I usually try to stay in the shade as much as I can and I usually drink a lot of water, usually I always carry a bottle of water everywhere I go.
Do you have any hobbies?
Yes, I do. I like collecting and tasting different type of tea, not just from India but from other parts of the world as well. Just yesterday. I bought a very unique Japanese green tea.
What is your favorite sport?
Like many other people, my favorite sport is football. I both enjoy watching it on tv and playing it with my friends on weekends.
How often do you use apps on your phone?
Well, I use apps all the time. For example, the variety of apps that I have on my phone, so I would say at least 10 times a day if not more.
What app do you use most often?
I guess it would be Telegram simply because of all the messages that I give and I get and send to my family and friends. I would say, I use it at least six to seven times a day.
Do you play any games on your phone?
Umm, yes, I have to admit that I’m a bit addicted to play Clash of Clans, which an online multiyear battle royal game.
I play it to take my mind off some stress and I just played a bit of clash last night to help get my mind off the exam today.
What is your favorite room and why?
My favorite room I would say is the living room. Because, there is my couch where I like to sit and relax after a hard day at work. And also, there I have a big TV, and I really like to watch movies.
Where do you go to relax?
So, when I want to relax, I go to the gym and exercise for an hour. I know it does not sound too relaxing, but it is for me.
In order to unwind, I usually take a stroll in the park near my home. There is a lot of green space there and some benches, so sometimes I sit down and just stare out into space and meditate for a few moments.
When I want to relax a bit, I go to my favorite coffee shop around the corner from my apartment, order a cup of tea and play with my phone surfing the net.
Well, I like to go swimming. There is a good pool close to my home, and I find that it is not only good exercise, but it is good way to unwind from the stresses of the workweek.
Are you usually a positive person?
Yes, I would like to say that I am cheery most of time. I think life is full of fun, and I try to see the positive side of the situation.
What do you do to be happy?
I usually exercise, I go to run in a nearby park every morning, and I think that health is super important to be, feel, positive.
Why do people like going on adventures in faraway places?
I think people like to travel to other countries or continents of entertainment because of the novelty of these surroundings. I mean, going on an Africa safari would be totally different than anything else here in Uzbekistan.
Do you work or study?
I am currently studying at the university which is called Tashkent state university of economics. I plan to be a businessman in the future and of course I study English to meet my language requirement for further higher education.
What did you do this morning?
I woke up, brushed my teeth, got dressed and had healthy breakfast. Then I reviewed my notes, practiced in frond of a mirror, and prepared for this interview.
What is your favorite number?
My favorite number is 7, not only because that is a lucky number in Uzbekistan, but also because I was born on the 7th.
What number do you use often?
The digits I use most frequently, is my family`s phone number, also some secret number for my email password, and I cannot tell you those.
Which number is important to remember?
The most obvious is a person’s phone number; many people don’t know it by heart, but I think it quite in case of a person lost their phone.
Are you good at math?
I consider myself quite competent in arithmetic. As I mentioned, I am accountant, so that’s my job to be good with number. In fact, I was always in top three student throughout my school years.
What are you learning these days?
Now, I am most focusing on English, getting ready for this IELTS exam, and I am also reading a business management book for my graduate studies.
How often do you study?
I study all the time, at least five hours a day, whether reading a book or listening to audio, I am constantly learning.
What do you use for learning?
I use several sources to gain knowledge and experience, like watching videos on YouTube or learning IELTS with interactive software, private tutoring, or e-books.
Do you like to travel?
Yes, I do. Because like getting to know other countries their culture, how people live, what they like. Stuff like that its interesting to me.
What games do you like to play?
There are a few different kinds of games that I like to play. Like on my phone there are this strategy games called Clash of clans that I play almost every day.
Do you know how to ride bicycle?
I had learned to ride a bike around the age of 5 and I have really gained an appreciation for it. Just yesterday, I went for a fun ride with my friends.
How often do you ride a bike?
I usually ride a bike quite often, at least once or twice a week; not only it helps me to get healthy but it is also convenient to go around my neighborhood.
What helps you feel happy?
I think I feel very positive when I get to help other people. That’s why I volunteer in a homeless shelter once a month.
How often do you feel stressed?
I usually don’t feel stressed often, but if I do, it is usually in one of the rare occasions when I have an exam like this here.
Where do you go if you feel sad?
If I feel sad, I like to go the gym and exercise for an hour, but as I said, otherwise, I don’t usually depress much.
Introduce yourself in a few words.
As I said, my name is Ismail, I am 19 years old. I am a student of university.
What is your favorite fruit?
My favorite fruit would be apple. I love apples, because for it is sweet and tangy taste, and it is one of the most available fruits in our region.
How often do you eat fruits and how about vegetables?
I try to eat fruits and vegetables at least twice a day. Today, for morning I also have a vegetable curry that my mom prepared which was really good, and my love for apples, I have a drank apple lassi on my way to this exam hall.
Where do you buy the most delicious fruits and vegetables?
I mostly buy it from the farmers market near to my home, where the all the farmers will come there and with all their produces from the day or the week, and they are really fresh and they are really tasty as well.
Which do you like to eat more, fruits or vegetables and why?
I would prefer fruits over vegetables for its sweetness.
If you could grow any fruits or vegetable, what would it be and why?
If I ever happen to grow a fruit or vegetable I would grow banana because it is known as the king of fruits, but I am sure whether it will grow in my region.
How often do eat in a day?
I usually eat four or five times a day. I have a breakfast, lunch and dinner, and one or two snacks.
What do you usually eat for breakfast?
If I had to say, I likely eat cereal with milk most often. Although I eat fruits and eggs too. I think eat a bowl of cereal more than anything else.
Do you like to cook?
I don’t really like to cook because I am not very good at it. Like, last weekend I tried to make some spaghetti, and it just didn’t really taste very good so I think I put too much salt on it.
How often do you write?
I write often, several times each day; whether it is email on the phone or notes on the fridge, I am constantly jotting down information.
What do you usually write?
I write most frequently emails to my colleagues and friends,
What do you rarely write?
I am not into stories. I have just never really got into fantasy writing.
Do you prefer to write by hand or on the computer?
I like to type of computer. It is faster, and I have tools at my disposal like spellcheck or thesaurus.
If you could write a book, what would it be about?
Since I am not into fantasy writing, I think I could write some sort of biography, maybe about the life of my father; he is a great man.
How often do you give presents?
I am fortunate enough to have a large family, and lots of friends, so I gift quite often, at least once a couple times a week. Just last month, I gave some care package to my parents for their anniversary, and this care package’s delicacies.
What is your favorite gift that you received?
Interesting question. If I must say, it would be the ring I got from father for my graduation.
Why do people give presents to each other?
People give to each other to show that they care of, and to memorize some important dates like birthday, wedding and so on.

What do you like to do after work?

Do you currently live in a house or apartment?

This appeals to me because…

To get a lot of pleasure out of smth/doing smth…
To be keen to do smth/doing smth…
To be fond of smth…
I couldn’t agree more…
I totally agree…
That’s one of looking at it…
That is not always true…
Tashkent is a historically rich city with a lot of heritage buildings and I like to visit those places, also Tashkent is a really good place to try out national cuisine.

Talk about your favorite dessert.

The dessert that I love more than any other, would have to be …. . I think the first time that I had this dessert was in my childhood, probably around the age seven or eight, when I can remember…… last time, I believe I had it at a local pastry shop called, sweets, just down road from my place. I especially like eating it in the evening after my main meal. If I have had a steak for example, then shopping it off with a slice of cheesecake is just superb. I do believe that most people love eating cheesecake as well, not only because of its delicate, sweet, flavor, but it’s also a light cake compared to some others, like a chocolate cake. So, it’s a bit easier to digest. And, I think that it’s sweet flavor, and also slightly sour flavor gives it a uniqueness which many people like. Whenever I meet with my friends or talk others about cheesecake then they always agree that they love it as well. So, I like it more than other desserts for the same reasons.
Talk me about an idea you had to make your life better?
One life-hack that I found recently was about the importance of vitamin D in the human body. A few month ago, to be precise, in October last year, I read a Health magazine, and I came to an article, I came across to an article which talks about the importance of this sunshine vitamin on human body. And, it was telling that vitamin D is not only essential to maintain a strong immune system, but also to keep your general attitude positive. So, the article was also emphasizing that usually human body is not able to intake this vitamin D naturally in the quantities that we actually need. So, I came up with this two-steps solution, where the first step would be, in my opinion, to go with vitamin D through nutrition, so I bought some nutritional supplements in the health store next to my home. And, the second one would be to get an appointment in the sun tanning saloon, which was also very close to my house, I would go there once or twice in a week. And, I have seen, just after two weeks of doing so, that my mood became better, more stable and happier, and also, I start to feel that I am not getting sick so easily, and its getting even better since then. The last point what I noticed after the two weeks, and directly, was that each time I go the sun, sunbathing saloon, for 10 times, it gives me some relaxation from the outside pressure.

Talk about an item that you have sold?

About a month ago I sold my Asus laptop for two million sums. This is roughly about a couple of hundred US dollars. I used my laptop for around eight years, I used it for work and school as well as for entertainment. When I was at school when I was at the tenth grade my dad got this laptop for me and I much of my paper works and writings I have done on it and then later on when I started working, a lot of works, a lot of documents and a lot of works a lot of documents and data I have been saving on that laptop and sometimes I like to listen to music or play an occasional video game on it as well, but I decided to sell it and I sold it on this specified website called OLX. I uploaded the picture the description and price of this item and just after couple of days a high school girl called me, and she came over to my place with her dad to take a look at it. She saw the laptop and she decided that it fits her needs, and I sold it for two million sums. She bargained the price a little bit, so two million sums were the final price, and the reason actually why I decided to sell it was that I simply needed an upgrade. Because as far as I am going in doing in my work I needed a much stronger laptop, because I was working with more and more graphics. And as I’m working right now I had an opportunity to make this happen, but at first, I was a little bit sad that I am giving away my laptop, and so many memories with it, but at the same time I got happy because my new laptop is going to be much more powerful and it is going to be less stressful to work with it.
Talk about a dangerous object that you have used?
A tool that is quite dangerous which I have used before is a chainsaw. This is a gas-powered wood cutting tool that has a handle and motor with a metal bar extending from it, and around the bar there is a chain with sharp teeth. The motor and handle have a plastic cover which is bring orange color. The last time I had used a chainsaw was about 10 months ago when I was helping my uncle clean up around his property and get some firewood ready. I used the chainsaw to remove some dead branches from tree around the property and I also cut down a couple of smaller trees which were either dead or overcrowded. A chainsaw can be quite dangerous if it is not maintained or mishandles. It is very powerful cutting tool which can slice into person’s knee, leg or foot and cause a lot of damage to tissue and even bones. And also, if the user cuts into hard material like metal or rock, or if the chain is worn out and not replaced, the saw can break and the pieces can come apart. Flying pieces of the chain or the material being cut, like the pieces of wood or pebbles can damage the user’s eyes and even blind them. So, whenever a person is using a chainsaw, they must wear the correct safety equipment. The most important are nice pair of boots, preferably with steeled-toes, earmuffs to protect the ears from the loud sound of the engine, and safety glasses. There are special plants which can protect the legs from the chain. And also, helmet is a good idea to protect the head in case of falling branches.
Talk about a polluted place you have seen?

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Do’stlaringiz bilan baham:

22 занятия после работы, которые обогатят вашу жизнь больше, чем «счастливые часы» и Netflix

Вы чувствуете себя немного скучно в последнее время? Это может быть потому, что вы вошли в колею, особенно когда дело доходит до вашей рутины после работы.

Может быть, у вас есть привычка ходить в любимое место после работы, или, возможно, у вас появилась привычка валяться на диване и смотреть любимый Netflix. рутина сериала. Иногда лучший способ избавиться от фанка — это немного все перепутать. Вот список идей, которые вдохновят вас вырваться из рутины после рабочего дня.

1. Совершите вечернюю прогулку
Разомните ноги, подышите свежим воздухом и насладитесь пейзажем.

2. Прочитать книгу
Приступить к работе с этой стопкой, которая неделями лежала у вас на тумбочке… Хорошо, месяцы.

3. Сядьте снаружи
Возьмите стакан чая со льдом и сядьте на крыльцо, чтобы немного посидеть и понаблюдать за людьми.

4. Отправляйтесь в поход
Погуляйте и проведите время на природе, чтобы расслабиться после напряженного дня.

5. Посетите художественный музей или галерею
Познакомьтесь с искусством. Посмотрите на мир с другой точки зрения и вдохновитесь.

6. Пригласите друзей на ужин
Это не должно быть замысловатым или сложным. Просто интимный вечер еды, разговоров и общения.

7. Ложитесь спать пораньше
Сделайте это пораньше и наслаждайтесь. Устройтесь поудобнее в своей любимой пижаме, включите расслабляющую музыку и нежьтесь в постели.

8. Займитесь геокэшингом или почтовым ящиком
Хотите немного приключений? Геокэшинг и почтовый ящик — это интересные способы исследовать окрестности по-новому. Отправляетесь ли вы в одиночку или с друзьями, это обязательно будет хорошее время.

9. Запишитесь на курсы
Что вам было интересно узнать? Может быть, есть урок, который вы давно хотели пройти, но откладывали. Зарегистрируйтесь и расширяйте свой кругозор!

10. Начните творческий проект
Давно ли вы садились за альбом или доставали фотоаппарат? Выделите пару часов после работы, чтобы погрузиться в себя и дать волю своим творческим сокам!

11. Поиграйте немного.
Бери друга и отправляйся в парк с фрисби. Резвитесь и играйте в траве. Потому что взрослым нужно играть не меньше детей.

12. Приготовьте себе ужин.
По пути домой с работы купите свежие ингредиенты, включите музыку и приготовьте себе вкусный ужин. Поэкспериментируйте с новым рецептом и сделайте из него вечер.

13. Запишитесь на занятия йогой, пилатесом или танцами.
Поход в спортзал кажется тяжелой работой? Найдите интересный урок, который заставит ваше тело двигаться и ваше сердце биться чаще. Это заставит вас чувствовать себя прекрасно!

14. Займись хобби.
Думаете заняться садоводством, деревообработкой или сваркой? Начните с малого, запачкайте руки и вперед!

15. Устройте вечер игр.
Соберитесь с друзьями и семьей, чтобы весело провести вечер за играми или головоломками.

16. Волонтер.
Станьте волонтером в важном для вас деле или организации. Это мощный способ внести свой вклад, и вы будете довольны тем, как вы провели свое время.

17. Покататься на велосипеде.
Стряхни пыль с мотоцикла, который стоял в гараже, и прокатись на нем. Исследуйте свой район или велосипедную дорожку в парке и выпустите пар.

18. Ведите дневник.
Достаньте свой дневник или блокнот и напишите. За что ты благодарен? Что вас беспокоит? Поместите свои мысли на страницу и очистите свой мозг.

19. Займитесь сексом (или мастурбируйте).
Одно из древнейших развлечений! Мы все знаем, что секс — это естественно и весело (спасибо Джорджу Майклу!). Это также отличный способ снять стресс.

20. Поговорите.
Найдите время для настоящего общения один на один. Позвоните или соберитесь с другом и поговорите — и не о погоде. Откройтесь и поделитесь тем, что на самом деле происходит в вашей жизни.

21. Напишите письмо.
Да, старомодное рукописное письмо. Скажите кому-нибудь, что вы думаете о нем или как он важен для вас.

22. Починить что-нибудь или сделать небольшой проект своими руками.
Выберите проект, который некоторое время был в вашем списке дел, и приступайте к нему. Развлекайтесь — включите любимую музыку и джемуйте, пока работаете. Вы будете очень довольны, когда закончите.

Готовы вырваться из рутины после работы? Попробуйте что-то, что вы обычно не делаете. Встряхивание вещей полезно для вас!

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5 вещей, которые я делаю после 17:00: мой вечерний распорядок

Ищете вечерний распорядок? Способ отвлечься от напряженного дня, чтобы вы могли спокойно выспаться ночью? Посмотрите на эти простые шаги в моей вечерней рутине (5 вещей, которые я делаю после 17:00), которые помогают мне быть более продуктивным на следующий день.

Я обнаружил, что когда я могу расслабиться в конце дня и следовать вечернему распорядку, утро следующего дня проходит намного продуктивнее, а мой утренний распорядок проходит намного ровнее!
Несмотря на то, что сейчас я работаю на себя и имею большую гибкость, я ВСЕ ЕЩЕ просыпаюсь между 4 и 5 утра. Почему?
Потому что я один из тех странных жаворонков! К 15:00 я ЗАКОНЧИЛ, лол.

В прошлом году я решил серьезно заняться вечерней рутиной. Как человек, страдающий бессонницей, для того, чтобы у меня был успешный день, я должен хорошо выспаться ночью. И лучший способ для меня сделать это — это сработать ритуал перед сном.

Когда я впервые попробовал эту вечернюю рутину, я заметил, что следующее утро было легким, без стресса и что я был намного более продуктивным и успешным.

Так родился мой вечерний распорядок, который я совершенствовал годами.

Итак, сегодня я поделюсь с вами 5 вещами, которые я делаю после 17:00 и которые помогают мне проводить утро более продуктивно.

Этот пост содержит партнерские ссылки. Если вы перейдете по ссылке и совершите покупку, я могу получить комиссию без каких-либо дополнительных затрат для вас. Подробнее здесь.

Подготовка к следующему дню: 

Подготовка — это полдела, поэтому я обязательно уделяю время подготовке к следующему утру. У меня есть продукты, которые нужно разморозить на ужин, я достаю их из морозилки и кладу в холодильник.

Я готовлю школьные обеды для Пуки (или выкладываю, что будет на его обеде) и себя, а иногда и CDUb.
Еще одним из моих вечерних ритуалов является то, что я убираюсь на кухне, потому что худшее, что может быть, это просыпаться с грязной посудой в раковине в 5 утра. Я стираю или глажу форму Пуки на утро и слежу за тем, чтобы домашняя работа попала с обеденного стола в его портфель с книгами. Таким образом, утром я не спешу забыть что-то и не опаздываю.

Я также раскладываю свою спортивную одежду. Таким образом, нет никакого оправдания. Я просто встаю и надеваю их.

Я планирую СЛЕДУЮЩИЙ день

Раньше я просыпался и делал это. А потом я чувствовал себя не в своей тарелке, когда делал что-то, чего не было в моем списке дел. Поэтому я начал планировать по ночам.

Я работаю по одному основному списку, который составляю каждое воскресенье. К концу каждого дня я знаю, что я уже сделал и что еще нужно сделать. Я могу посмотреть, были ли какие-либо изменения в моем рабочем графике, что нужно сделать завтра, какие встречи у нас запланированы, и соответствующим образом спланировать свой день.

Затем я проверяю, все ли записано в моем ежедневнике. Это спасло мой рассудок. Теперь пришло время успокоиться!

Я принимаю ванну

Не быстрый душ… ванна.
Раньше я принимала горячий душ, но обнаружила, что ванна гораздо более расслабляющая и помогает мне успокоиться, потому что купание идеально подходит в конце долгого дня. В ванне есть что-то роскошное. В ванне есть что-то расслабляющее… это великолепно. Я стал одержим солями для ванн с лавандой, пенными ваннами и бомбочками для ванн.

Обычно я слушаю музыку, читаю книгу или просто сижу в тишине в ванне при зажженных свечах. Это как сигнал, который говорит моему телу, что пора отдохнуть.

Я записываю свои мысли и благодарности 

Я использую свой 5-минутный дневник по утрам, потому что это быстро и легко, и это помогает мне сосредоточиться. Раньше я проводил полноценную сессию дневника утром, но обнаружил, что, когда я выделяю время вечером, есть что-то вроде сброса мозгов в моем дневнике в конце дня, который работает для меня намного лучше. Я записываю свои победы, свои поражения, то, что сработало, и выражаю благодарность за день.

Я обнаружил, что, особенно когда у меня был тяжелый день, записывать эти вещи на бумагу, а ЗАТЕМ убедиться, что я отмечаю то, за что я ВСЕ ЕЩЕ благодарен, несмотря на все это, это снимает последнее напряжение и дает мне душевное спокойствие, чтобы помочь мне отдохнуть и начать новый день на следующий день.

И, наконец…

Я положил свои электронные устройства

Обычно это последний этап моей вечерней рутины.
Я положил свой мобильный телефон.

Исследования показали, что синий свет оказывает наибольшее влияние на наши циркадные ритмы.

Это сильно повлияло на количество сна, которое я получаю каждую ночь, и на его качество.