Школьный этап олимпиады по английскому языку 9-11 кл | Олимпиадные задания по английскому языку по теме:

Всероссийская  олимпиада  школьников. Школьный этап. 2014-2015 уч.год

Английский язык. Задания для участника  9-11  классы

Время выполнения -90 минут. Максимальное количество баллов – 43балла

LISTENING – 7 баллов

Listen to the interview and for questions A8-A14, choose the answer (1, 2 or 3) which  you think fits best according to the text. Write the appropriate number (1, 2 or 3) in boxes A8-A14 on your answer sheet.

A8. Catherine mainly gets inspired for her novels from

        1) things that happen in her personal life.

        2) unimportant new stories.

        3) major events in the local area.

A9. The example of the shopping centre shows that, before writing, Catherine

        1) interviews a lot of people.

        2) does a lot of background research.

        3) imagines a complete story.

A10. Catherine says her characters

        1) can be identified by the people they’re based on.

        2) are exact copies of people she has known.

        3) are only loosely based on real people.

A11. Catherine is more likely to create a character based on a real person’s

        1) history.

        2) appearance.

        3) view of the world.

A12. There is a chance that

        1) Catherine will give a talk about making films.

        2) a company will buy the film rights to Fire at Dawn.

        3) there will be a film version of Fire at Dawn.

A13. Catherine does not want

        1) to be involved in making the film.

        2) someone else to write the screenplay.

        3) the plot to be altered in a major way.

A14. Catherine believes that

        1) the stories in the book and film should be the same.

        2) film and literature are extremely different media.

        3) films based on books are usually annoying.

READING -13 баллов

Match headings A-H to texts 1-7 choose the best heading A-H. There is one heading you will not need to use. Write the answers on your answer sheet.




D. TWO TYPES                                H. HOME ALONE

  1. In Britain? Most families are “nuclear families”. This means that the family consists of the parents and children. Of course, there are uncles and aunts and grand parents, too, but they do not have much to do with raising the children and often live a long way away. In many other countries, the “extended family” is more common. With the extended family, uncles, aunts and grandparents live closer to the parents and children – sometimes even in the same building – and everyone in the family has a much closer relationship.
  2. Most teenagers say at some point; “When I’m a parent, I’m going to give my children much more freedom than I have now. ” When they do actually become parents however, they soon realize that giving a child or teenager lots of freedom is not always the best thing to do. Many parents end up hearing their children saying to them exactly the same things they said to their parents when they were young.
  3. What does bringing up a child involve? Giving a child love and making a child feel safe in their environment are extremely important. So is providing food and warmth. Parents also have a duty to teach their children the differences between right and wrong, and to make sure their children get a good education. Some parents believe that their role is also to teach children about the importance of things such as family, religion and society.
  4. The English phrases “a chip off the old block” and “like father, like son” (or “like mother, like daughter”) are used to show the similarities between a parent and their child. These might be similarities in terms of appearance, behavior or interests. For example, if a dad loves watching cricket and his son Eric becomes interested in cricket, too, you might say. “Eric’s a chip off the old block, isn’t he?”
  5. “Latchkey kids” are a major problem in many countries, including Britain and the USA, These are children whose parents are still at work when they come home from school, so there is no one at home to look after them. Their parents aren’t there to help with their homework, and some of them spend hours on their own before their parents’ return.
  6. The idea of “quality time” is based on an understanding that the amount of time a parent spends with their child is not the only important thing. What is also important is what they do together during that time. Ten minutes of discussing problems that a teenager is facing may be much more valuable than two hours of watching a movie together in silence.
  7. Families work well when things are going well, but the real test of a family comes at times of stress. Perhaps Mum has been working too hard, or perhaps young Amy is taking exams at school. These are times when all the families can find themselves fighting instead of helping each other. When a family is going through a crisis like this, it can often help to talk to someone outside the family. It could either be an expert, such as a family counselor, or a trusted family friend


Read the text and complete gaps 8-13 with sentences A-G. There is one extra sentence that you don’t need to use. Write the answers on your answer sheet.

What time is it? To answer that question today, all we have to do is look at a watch or clock. It wasn’t always that simple, however. For thousand of years, people have wanted an accurate way of telling the time, (8)____________________________.

We know that the ancient Egyptians had sundials, (9)______________________. It is thought they also had a way of measuring time using running water. The ancient Chinese also developed non-mechanical ways to measure the passing time.

The first mechanical clock appeared around the 9th century. This did not have hands as modern clocks do, (10)_______________________.

The first reasonably accurate clocks were developed in Italy in the 13th century.

Unlike modern clocks, they did not tell the time to the nearest minute; rather, they announced when an hour had passed. Table clocks became popular in the 1500s. They usually only had one hand, which had four possible positions each hour, (11) _________________________.

In 1657 the pendulum clock was invented. Although Galileo came up with a similar idea first, it is Christian Huygens (12)_________________________. Since then, сlocks have become more and more dependable. Today, each of us carries a mobile phone or wears a watch (13)___________________.

  1. but rang a bell to tell the time
  2. who is generally considered to be an inventor
  3. allowing you to tell the time to the nearest fifteen minutes
  4. which requires sunlight to work
  5. where the first clocks were developed
  6. apart from looking at the position of the sun
  7. which can be relied on to be accurate

USE OF ENGLISH- 13 баллов

For questions 1-7, read  the  text  and  write  the correct form of the word in CAPITALS to complete the gaps. Write the answers on your answer sheet.

Animal Helpers

Animals can be pets, but they can also be much more. Ever since dogs first

(1)_____________ humans on the hunt, animals have worked with people.        JOIN

Dogs, of course, work with people in different ways, such as

(2)___________ sheep on farms.                                                        CONTROL

They (3)____________ to help blind people find their way around.                TRAIN

There are (4)__________ of other animals that help people, including horses,        LOT

camels and elephants. In the past, horses were an important means of transport

in Europe and (5)____________ both people and goods.                                 CARRY

Cars soon replaced horses for most jobs because they could go faster

and (6) ______________.                                                                FAR

In Asia today, as in the past, elephants (7)___________ to transport                USE

heavy loads in areas where cars cannot go.

Complete gaps 8-13 with words formed from the words in CAPITAL letters. Write the answers on your answer sheet. 


The discovery of the island of Mauritius in 1505 was the beginning

of the end for the dodo. The dodo was a large bird which was

(8)______________ of flying and so spent its entire life on the ground.                   CAPABLE

When people first spotted the bird in 1598, it seemed to have no fear

of humans and was quite (9)____________.                                                FRIEND

This was because it had always lived on an island where it had no

(10)__________________ enemies.                                                        NATURE

The people on the island didn’t find the dodo (11) ____________ to eat,                TASTE

but the cats and the dogs that arrived with the people did. The dodo was

completely (12)___________ and by the 1690s it had died out on the island.        HELP

The story of the dodo’s (13)________________ is just one example                 APPEAR

of man’s effect on the environment.

WRITING – 10 баллов

You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen friend Christine, who writes:

I’ve had an argument with my best friend, Linda, and we’re not talking to each other. I’m really upset about it. What kind of things do you argue with your best friend about? How do you make up after an argument? What do you think I should say to Linda?

Oh, and I visited our local sports centre yesterday, which was interesting!

Write a letter to Christine. In your letter:

  • answer her questions
  • ask 3 questions about the sports centre

Write 100-120 words. Remember the rules of letter writing. Write the letter on your answer sheet.

ANSWER SHEET                   БЛАНК  ОТВЕТОВ               9-11 классы


Общее кол-во баллов________________






































Write 100-120 words. Remember the rules of letter writing


Общее количество  слов______________

ВОШ 2020-21 по английскому школьный этап.

Чтение 7-8 класс

ВОШ 2020-21 по английскому школьный этап. Чтение 7-8 класс

Просто потренироваться в чтении с заданиями или подготовиться к олимпиаде по английскому языку вам поможет интерактивный тест с выводом ваших результатов и показом верных ответов. Другие олимпиадные задания можно посмотреть здесь.

Task 1
Read the text below and mark the facts as True or False.

Russians call it the Mendeleev periodic table, while in other countries people drop the name of the Russian chemist Dmitry Mendeleev – the scientist who came up with the concept that atomic weights of elements largely predetermine their physical and chemical properties. In the anticipation of an anniversary of this discovery (1869-1870), we decided to find out more interesting facts from the director of the Joint Institute of Nuclear Research, who kindly agreed to answer our questions.
Can you tell us about the history of this discovery and its importance nowadays?

It’s amazing but Mendeleev based his classification on 63 elements only, of which just 48 had atomic weights precisely determined at that time. Others had not been studied thoroughly. His first table was put on a sheet of paper with some gaps for unknown elements and he corrected the atomic weights for the elements which he thought were incorrect. All the missing elements were discovered later and all the atomic weights he thought wrong proved to be as he predicted! Now we are working on discovering the 119th of the Mendeleev table and there seems to be no limit. One of the elements discovered recently is named after Mendeleev.
Were there any attempts to classify elements before and after his discovery?
Yes, just a few. The earliest was based on two large groups of acid-forming and base-forming elements. However, this broad classification proved inadequate. The second made a distinction between metals and non-metals. But it turned out to be inconsistent. The German chemist Lothar Meyer put forward similar proposals shortly after Mendeleev, but criticized Mendeleev’s predictions of incorrect atomic weights of some elements.
Can the Mendeleev periodic table be regarded as a law of nature?
No one can deny that. It has been verified many times decades after Mendeleev’s death in 1907. Now it’s as valuable as the work of Copernicus in astronomy or Einstein’s theory of relativity.
Was Mendeleev nominated for a Nobel prize?
Yes, three times – in 1905, 1906, 1907. Unfortunately, he failed to get a prize due to the long time that had passed since his discovery and the time when Nobel prizes were first introduced in 1901.

Task 1


  1. 1901 – Mendeleev died
  2. 118 – the current number of elements in the periodic table

  3. 1917 – the second time Mendeleev was nominated for the Nobel Prize
  4. 1903 – Nobel prizes were first introduced
  5. 3 – nominations of the scientist for the Nobel prize

Task 2
For questions (1-6), read the following text and then choose from the list given below the best phrase to fill each of the numbered spaces.

Each correct phrase may only be used once. Some of the suggested answers do not fit at all.
There is an example for you (0 ↔ which always deprives them of some sleep).

A Good Night
Sleeping less than six and a half hours a night is not good for you, warned the American National Sleep Foundation recently. With supreme irony, the warning came just as people in the US, in the interests of daylight saving, were about to put their clocks forward one hour, (0) _______ . The Foundation’s latest research shows that eight hours’ sleep is optimal for good health. The problem is that these days, some people seem to regard sleep as slothful and unproductive, a view encouraged by innovations like the Internet, (1) _______ long after other sources of information are inactive. Actually, one could go further back in time and blame the invention of the light bulb, (2) _______. People slept on average nine hours a night before the arrival of electricity, (3) _______.

For sleep is not equivalent to switching off your computer. In sleep important things still happen, things (4) _______. Sleep reduces the body’s metabolic rate by up to 20 per cent, representing a great saving in energy, and the amount of oxygen (5) _______ also falls dramatically, as does our body temperature to a lesser extent. And during sleep the body releases growth hormone, (6) _______.

Проверить наличие тестовых обновлений | USCIS

В тесте по основам гражданственности некоторые ответы могут измениться из-за федеральных выборов или выборов штата, определенных судейских назначений или из-за законодательных изменений или обновлений. Вы должны ответить на вопрос, указав имя официального лица, действовавшего во время собеседования по натурализации. На этой странице вы можете найти ответы, которые могли измениться в тесте по основам гражданственности по сравнению с версией теста 2008 года.

*Если вам 65 лет или больше, и вы являетесь законным постоянным жителем США в течение 20 или более лет, вы можете изучать только те вопросы, которые отмечены звездочкой в ​​конце каждого вопроса.

Примечание. Упомянутые ниже правительственные веб-сайты США могут быть не обновлены самой последней информацией. USCIS не несет ответственности за поддержку или обновление этих сайтов. Пожалуйста, проверьте на своем официальном веб-сайте правительства штата имена избранных вами должностных лиц штата.

Подпишитесь на получение по электронной почте обновлений Ресурсного центра по вопросам гражданства.

20. Кто сейчас является одним из сенаторов США от вашего штата?*

  • Ответы могут быть разными. [Жители округа Колумбия и жители территорий США должны ответить, что в округе Колумбия (или на территории, где проживает заявитель) нет сенаторов США.]

Посетите сайт senate.gov, чтобы найти сенаторов США от вашего штата.

23. Назовите своего представителя в США.

  • Ответы будут разными. [Жители территорий, в которых есть делегаты без права голоса или уполномоченные-резиденты, могут указать имя этого делегата или уполномоченного. Также допустимо любое заявление о том, что у территории нет (с правом голоса) представителей в Конгрессе.]

Посетите сайт house.gov, чтобы найти своего представителя в США.

28. Как сейчас зовут президента США?*

  • Джозеф Р. Байден-младший
  • Джо Байден
  • Байден

29. Как сейчас зовут вице-президента США?

  • Камала Д. Харрис
  • Камала Харрис
  • Харрис

39. Сколько судей входит в состав Верховного суда?

  • девять (9)

40. Кто сейчас главный судья Соединенных Штатов?

  • Джон Робертс
  • Джон Г. Робертс-младший

43. Кто сейчас является губернатором вашего штата?

  • Ответы будут разными. [Жителям округа Колумбия следует ответить, что в округе Колумбия нет губернатора.] 

Посетите usa. gov/states-and-territory, чтобы найти губернатора своего штата.

46. Какая сейчас политическая партия президента?

  • Демократическая (партия)

47. Как сейчас зовут Спикера Палаты представителей?

  • Кевин Маккарти
  • Маккарти

100. Имя два национальных праздника США.

  • Новый год
  • Мартин Лютер Кинг-младший. День
  • День президентов
  • День памяти
  • 19 июня
  • День Независимости
  • День труда
  • День Колумба
  • День ветеранов
  • День Благодарения
  • Рождество

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