Témata k SLP 3 II

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Jump to… Jump to…NovinkyNeuronGlobal environmental problems (video 7 min)Global environmental problems (video 7 min)Climate crisis (magazine article, upperintermediate)Stop flying? (magazine article, upperintermediate)Global warming (onestopenglish, intermediate)Global warming (onestopenglish, upper-intermediate)Floods (onestopenglish, intermediate)Floods (onestopenglish, upper-intermediate)Amazon forest (onestopenglish, upper-intermediate)Ban on ivory sales (onestopenglish, intermediate)Ban in ivory sales (onestopenglish, upper-intermediate)Climate change in Russia’s Arctic tundra (onestopenglish, intermediate)Deforestation (tasks based on video)Storm Front (tasks based on video)Alternative energy sources (video based tasks)Plastic bottles (reading and listening)Global warmimg (Student’s ppt.

presentation)Going under weather (onestepenglish, intermediate)Going under weather (onestepenglish, upper)mother nature networkPhotos: feed your family for a weekIs this news? (Taboos and Issues)Life through a lens (onestopenglish, intermediate)Life through a lens (onestopenglish, advanced)TV and Commercials (Student’s ppt. presentation)TV ignores the real word (onestopenglish, intermediate)Racism, ratings and reality TV (onestepenglish, intermediate)Racism, ratings and reality TV (onestepenglish, upper)Violence on TV — an example essayWi-fi (magazine article, upperintermediate)Mobile phones have transformed the way we communicate (onestopenglish, intermediate)Mobile phones have transformed the way we communicate (onestopenglish, advanced)Social networking (exercises)Virtual revolution Episode 1, Part1 (video 11 min)Virtual revolution Episode 1, Part 2 (video 9 min)Song from the video Episode 1 Part 2 — For What It’s WorthVirtual revolution, E 1, P 3 (Africa, URL, html)Virtual revolution, E 1, P 4 (business, Bill Gates))Virtual revolution, E 1, P 5 (music, YouTube, gate keepers)Virtual revolution, E 1, P 6 (blogs, Google, gate keepers)Virtual revolution, E 2, P 1 (State enemy?, Twitter)The latest gadget (onestopenglish, upper)Science journal (from the Czech Republic)NASA gladly loses a spacecraft (onestepenglish, intermediate)NASA gladly loses a spacecraft (onestepenglish, upper)Czech Electricity GridBattle of BrainsWhen Technology Becomes UnfriendlyDevelopment and Technology — an example essayWorksheet: UK leads world in mobile web useMilitary career.
tbk (intermediate)Unemployment (Wikipedia)Unemployment in the CRSuper rich get richer (onestopenglish, upper)America´s road romance dies (onestopenglish, intermediate)American cars (onestopenglish, upper-intermediate)U. S. economy (magazine article, upper-intermediate)Money (magazine article, upper-intermediate)Can Cristiano Ronaldo earn it like Beckham (onestopenglish, intermediate)Can Cristiano Ronaldo earn it like Beckham (onestopenglish, advanced)Beware the Shopocalypse (onestopenglish, intermediate)Future of the design (onestopenglish, intermediate)Future of the design (onestopenglish, upper)Firms tag workers (onestopenglish, intermediate)Firms tag workers (onestopenglish, upper)Business news from the Czech RepublicCzech public financesNo strawberries and cream for fruit pickers (onestepenglish, intermediate)No strawberries and cream for fruit pickers (onestepenglish, upper)Semtex in Deep CrisisSpare a tear for Argentina (onestopenglish, intermediate)Spare a tear for Argentina (onestopenglish, upper)Superjet launches sky wars (onestopenglish, intermediate)Superjet launches sky wars (onestopenglish, upper)Drowning in money (Tuvalu) (onestopenglish, intermediate)Drowning in money (Tuvalu) (onestopenglish, upper)Globalization (Wikipedia)AIDS (Taboos and Issues)Action Against HungerWorld Food ProgrammeHow to Win and Lose MoneyMental Trauma of UK TroopsNews from the Czech RepublicCzech newsBBCCNNTime (magazine)Military newsHelicopter parents (magazine article, upper-intermediate)Boomerang kids (magazine article, upper-intermediate)High school moms (magazine article, upper-intermediate)Brands (magazine article, upper-intermediate)Bottled water (magazine article, upper-itermediate)Airline Security (onestopenglish, intermediate)Airline Security (onestopenglish, upper)Angry Spain ousts ruling country (onestopenglish, upper)Car boom in Caracas (onestopenglish, intermediate)Car boom in Caracas (onestopenglish, upper)From Mali to Madrid (onestepenglish, intermediate)From Mali to Madrid (onestepenglish, upper)Words are weapons (onestopenglish, upper)Violence in sportsWe didn’t start the fire (history from an American point of view)Calls for Americans to Use Less Salt (breaking news english)

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