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Speaker A: I’m a very forgetful person. That’s why I have a daily planner. I put everything there — birthday dates, homework, medical appointments. If I take it down in my daily planner, I’ll never forget about it. The point is, if I don’t, I’ll never remember about it. My friends tease me all the time about this, but I probably do take my diary out of my bag more often than my mobile, so I’ve never been offended because it is so true about me.


Speaker B: My mum says  I live in a total mess. My desk is chaos, with sheets of paper everywhere, with different reminders like: “Buy milk,” “urgent,” or “phone Lizzie,” or whatever. Strange if it may seem, I feel comfortable around all this stuff and can easily find anything I need. As soon as I have done something I through the piece of paper away, and that’s it. It’s pretty handy actually. If you don’t throw the sheets of paper away though, it can get you into trouble.


Speaker C: I’ve tried many things, really. There are piles of unused diaries and daily planners in my room. I simply forget to take them with me. But I have found a perfect solution. There is a thing I’ll never, ever forget to take as I leave home. This is my cell phone. I bought one with built-in daily planner. It works like magic. I can’t imagine my life without it now. It even gives beeps every time I have to do something, which works magic — at least for me.


Speaker D: I must say, I don’t do anything special to remember what I’ve planned to do. I have a pretty good memory, which has never failed me. I just try to make an effort and memorize it all each time I need to. This is probably due to my genes, as my parents and my sister have excellent memory as well. So, it kind of runs in our family. I really shouldn’t be boasting about it, because it isn’t my achievement or success. I was just born with it.


Speaker E: Each morning I make a long list of things to do. In the morning, my memory is fresh and I can clearly remember all my plans for today. I put it all on a piece of paper and as soon as I have done something, I immediately tick it, or cross it. It gives me a strong sense of satisfaction, which I enjoy. But this method, so to say, isn’t perfect as it doesn’t help with people’s birthdays or other special dates. So I’m thinking of how to improve my method.


Speaker F: I know what I do is very childish, but I can’t help it really. I put some pen marks on my hand, or palm, so that I see them and remember about it. My parents regard this as strange and untidy, but I find it so convenient. The only problem is when you wash your hands, your inscription can vanish and you may never remember what was there. My parents say they’ll give me a permanent marker, but I think that’s too much. They are joking about it anyway.




A — 2: Keeping a diary can help not to forget things.

B — 4: Writing things on pieces of paper is convenient.

C — 5: A diary in your mobile may be a good idea.

D — 6: Good memory may be a question of genetics.

E — 1: This technique is not good for remembering things.

F — 7: This way to remember things doesn’t go well with hygiene.




Утверждение 2 4 5 6 1 7



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Телефон выдает «Add a payment option to complete your account. You will not be charged unless you make a purchase». Что делать?

Зачастую, текст с подобным содержанием появляется в различных интернет-магазинах, по типу Aliexpress, Gearbest, сервисах Google Play Market, AppStore и прочих.

Он указывает владельцу смартфона на то, что ему необходимо добавить способ оплаты, которым в дальнейшем он будет оплачивать те или иные покупки. Так же идёт предупреждение о том, что без этого покупку совершить не получится.

Принцип добавления способа оплаты на всех сервисах примерно одинаковый. Давайте рассмотрим вариант добавления способа оплаты на сервисе Google Play Market:

1) Заходим на сервис;

2) Нажимаем на кнопку открытия левого меню:

3) Выбираем пункт «Способ оплаты»:

4) Затем выбираем любой из понравившихся способов оплаты (отмечу, многим удобнее всего оплачивать через карту, этот вариант и выберем, вы можете выбрать любой другой способ, суть одна – указать данные):

5) Выбираем способ оплаты картой, нажав на пункт «Добавить банковскую карту», после чего появится окно для ввода данных:

6) Вводите данные и нажимаете на зелёную кнопку «Сохранить». Стоит отметить, что конкретно Play Market не принимает к оплате карты «МИР», смотрите внимательнее на указанные варианты:

После того, как вы пройдёте все этапы добавления способа оплаты, подобное сообщение у вас более не должно появляться.

Стоит отметить, если подобное сообщение появилось в браузере смартфона или просто всплыло на экране без вашего ведома – ни в коем случае не вводите данные вашей карты и иных способов оплаты. Зачастую, таким образом мошенники обманывают неопытных пользователей, будьте аккуратнее.

Тест №19 по ГИА. Английский язык (Ответ)


Once upon a time a personal diary was something you kept hidden away. It was where you wrote down your most private thoughts and feelings, knowing that no one else would read it.



Then along came the Internet, and now the idea of a private diary seems to be old­fashioned.



These days many teenagers write diaries just  for other people to read.



In the USA alone, one in five teenagers has their own web page.



Their sites contain stories, poems and are filled with pictures and, of course, diaries. Many teenagers like writing online diaries because they feel free to write anything.



However, some people are not sure that online diaries are a good idea.



‘Teenagers need to be careful what they write on the website’, says Patricia, a mother of three, who runs her web site.



‘It’s playing with fire. You do not know/ don’t know who is visiting your web site and whether they will try to find you.



And there are always people who find pleasure in finding and spoiling the dearest moments of your life described in the diaries’, she adds.


ЕГЭ ENGLISH Как это сделано Что с этим

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Тест №01 по ЕГЭ. Английский язык (Ответ)


Установите соответствие тем A-G текстам 1-6. Занесите свои ответы в таблицу. Используйте каждую букву только один раз. В задании одна тема лишняяTEST 01 (part 1)










1. In just a few years mobile phones have become a common sight everywhere. Walk past any cafe and you will see people chatting on their phones or sending text messages. However, some people are concerned that the signals these phones send out may be bad for our health. They worry that holding a mobile close to your head might have an effect on your brain. So, it may be a good idea to use your ordinary phone when you can.

Мобильные телефоны могу быть опасными для здоровья. HEALTH PROBLEMS

2. We learn a lot by reading, but what if you can’t see the words on the page? Many blind people can read braille шрифт Брайля. Braille is a system of writing using raised dots on the page that you can feel with your fingers. A Frenchman called Louis Braille invented [ɪn’vent] изобретать it in 1821, when he was just 12 years old. His system makes life easier for many thousands of blind people all over the world.

Шрифт, который могут читать слепые люди. HELPFUL METHOD

3. When we talk to someone, only a small part of our meaning is in what we say. Some people say that as little as 7% of our message is contained in our words. We use our hands to express ourselves and we use our faces to show that we are listening or to show how we feel. Our faces and our hands can also show things that we might want to hide, like the fact that we are lying, for example.

Невербальная коммуникация. BODY LANGUAGE

4. People can now use the Internet and e-mail to communicate with each other cheaply and quickly. Twenty years ago, however, this wasn’t possible. In those days in Britain, some people used amateur любительский, самодеятельный radio to contact people all over the country, and even around the world. They had special radios in their houses that sent out radio signals. They contacted each other to exchange news about their lives and about the weather, or even to play games such as chess.

Любительские радио для общения. PAST HOBBY

5. One of the most interesting types of radio programme is radio drama. Although some radio stations only broadcast music, some also produce plays for their listeners. Many people prefer listening to a play on the radio to watching it on TV because they can be more creative. On TV, the programme-makers decide exactly what a place or a person looks like. On radio, though, you can imagine it any way you like.

Прослушивание пьес по радио даёт возможность работать воображению. MORE IMAGINATION

6. Before the invention of radio, it was almost impossible to communicate over large distances. The only way to communicate with people far away was to send a message or a letter with a person. People lit fires on hills as a signal to each other, but it wasn’t a very good way of communicating. It was very difficult to find out what was happening in distant places and news often took weeks or even months to travel around the world.

Раньше, до изобретения радио, было сложно общаться. POOR COMMUNICATION 

№ текста 1 2 3 4 5 6
тема F B D C G A

90000 Ten reasons why you should start keeping a diary | LearnEnglish Teens 90001 90002 In the past, many people regularly kept personal diaries, where they recorded the day’s events and their observations. Without diarists like Anne Frank and Samuel Pepys, we would not know much about the personal side of our history. 90003 90002 Although people nowadays keep blogs or vlogs, and record their lives on social media, very few of us put pen to paper and write down our experiences. Why not try it? 90003 90002 Keeping a diary is something I’ve tried many times in the past, but until three years ago I never succeeded longer than a week.My first successful experience was a month-long travel journal from a backpacking trip — I wanted to make sure I could remember every single detail of such an exciting experience! I was proud to have done that, but I am even more proud to say that for the last five months I have kept a diary going! I am living abroad for a short period of time, and I want to remember all my new experiences in the future. 90003 90002 So why am I doing this? And why do I think you should too? 90003 90002 90011 1.You can record special events. 90012 90013 People take photos so they can remember days out, parties, etc. A diary is like a completely personal, written photo, recording the things only you saw in as much or as little detail as you like. 90003 90002 90011 2. You can record normal events too. 90012 90013 You might think that normal days are boring, until you start writing. I’ve started seeing the special aspects of normal events, such as funny remarks or interesting things I’ve seen. 90003 90002 90011 3.You can record your thoughts and feelings. 90012 90013 You remember how things made you feel on certain days or in certain places, so your memory is more detailed. 90003 90002 90011 4. This is a kind of therapy after bad days. 90012 90013 Getting your feelings written down on paper feels much better than keeping them to yourself. It can also help you think about things more clearly, and maybe even help decide how you feel about things if you are unsure. 90003 90002 90011 5. In fact, it’s therapeutic even on good days! 90012 90013 Make a hot drink, snuggle into a comfy chair and take half an hour just for you and your diary.It feels great! 90003 90002 90011 6. You can improve your writing skills. 90012 90013 Practice makes perfect! Seeing your writing develop is very rewarding. 90003 90002 90011 7. Why not try a foreign language? 90012 90013 Practise your language skills and improve your vocab, without worrying about mistakes — it’s for you, not for anyone else! 90003 90002 90011 8. Appreciate your successes. 90012 90013 Sometimes, we do not appreciate what we achieve — writing down a challenge you overcame and how you did it makes you realise this! 90003 90002 90011 9.Assess your mistakes. 90012 90013 On the other hand, you can understand things you could have done better, if you have to write something down and consider it. 90003 90002 90011 10. Leave the future You something to look back on! 90012 90013 In a year or so, you can see how you have developed as a person. If you revisit a place, you can read what you saw or felt last time. Maybe you’ll even show future generations what you used to be like! 90003 90002 I wish you the very best of luck with your diary! 90003 .90000 How to Start a Diary and Write Entries 90001 90002 A diary is a private place where you can keep your thoughts, feelings and opinions on everything from work to school and everywhere in between. There are all different types of diaries, like food diaries, health diaries or academic diaries. But your diary does not have to be specific if you do not want it to be, it can also just be a place where you write about whatever you want. If you’re just getting started, maybe you have not decided what you want to write about, and that’s fine.That is what we are here for — to help you with all those moments of writer’s block you may be having. Our tips can help guide you and inspire you. Let’s begin! 90003 90004 How to Start a Diary 90005 90002 To start a diary, all you need is a willingness to write. Start by figuring out what you want to write in your journal. If you are not sure, simply start writing and see where that leads. It can also be useful to set a time limit in your early writing sessions. Set an alarm for 10 to 20 minutes and start writing.90003 90002 Keeping a diary is a great way to record your growth and personal development. More entries will allow you to look back and see what has changed over time. The earlier you start, the more grateful you will be later on. 90003 90004 8 Tips When Starting a Diary 90005 90002 Writing can be hard and getting started is usually the hardest part. If you feel like you do not know how to write a diary entry, do not stress over it. You can start writing about anything.You can even write about how you can not think of anything to write. Once you start getting words out, they will start to flow naturally. 90003 90014 1. Decide to write 90015 90002 First, you need to decide you want to start a diary. Once you have decided you want to dedicate time to creating a diary, starting one will be easy. 90003 90014 2. Decide what to write 90015 90002 This is definitely the hardest part when writing a diary, but it is probably the most important.If you want your diary to be specific, decide what topic you would like to discuss during your entries. You can create multiple diaries for different topics, or just have one diary that has everything. Generally, diaries are personal and private thoughts, but they can also be a great way to keep track of personal musings on anything you would like: 90003 90022 90023 Food 90024 90023 Fashion 90024 90023 Travel 90024 90023 Sports 90024 90023 Work 90024 90023 School 90024 90023 Dreams 90024 90023 Friends 90024 90023 Family 90024 90041 90002 These are just a few ideas to get you started, but if you would rather keep your diary more general, it is totally up to you! 90003 90014 3.Create a schedule 90015 90002 Starting a diary requires that you write in it frequently, but it is up to you to decide how frequently you want to write in it. Whether it be once a day or once a week, create a schedule that you can adhere to. The more you can make writing in your diary a part of your routine, the more comprehensive and helpful a practice it will become. 90003 90002 When you have decided what you want write in your diary, decide on a writing schedule that is appropriate for the topic.For example, if you want your diary to be general, maybe you want to decide to write in it at a certain time everyday, like right before you go to bed. If you want your writings to be more specific, like about food, maybe you will write in it every time you cook or find a new recipe. Make your schedule work for you and your topic. 90003 90014 4. Set a time limit 90015 90002 It is easy to get carried away and write too much when diary writing. A way to stay concise and on track is to set a time limit for your writing.Depending on how much you want to write, set a time limit that reflects that. Somewhere between 30 minutes and an hour is ideal. If you feel like you want to spend more time than that, feel free. 90003 90014 5. Date your entries 90015 90002 The great thing about a diary is that you are able to look back through it and see how you have progressed over time. It is important to date every entry you write. Luckily, Penzu dates your entries automatically. 90003 90014 6.Create an introductory entry 90015 90002 For your first diary entry, try to write an introduction to what your diary will be about. Introduce yourself, what things interest you, what you think it important and what you want this dairy to be about. Open up and be yourself. 90003 90014 7. Act like you’re writing to a trusted friend 90015 90002 Wondering how to write a diary entry? The best way to write is as if you’re talking to your best friend. This is your personal diary, for your eyes only, so you should feel comfortable writing as if you’re talking to a trusted companion.As cliché as «Dear Diary» may sound, it can really lead you in the write direction in terms of the tone you should be writing in. The goal of a diary is to discuss things honestly and candidly, as if you were talking through them with a best friend or family member. 90003 90014 8. Have fun! 90015 90002 Writing in your diary should never be a chore or a burden, so remember to have fun with it. It can be a place of solace, a place of creativity, a place of reflection, a place where your thoughts can roam free.When starting a diary, make sure you are writing about things you care about and are passionate about because. As long as you enjoy what you’re writing and the process of it, you will never miss an entry! 90003 90004 Writing Diary Entries 90005 90002 Diary entries can be long. They can be short. They can be specific. They can be broad. Whatever type of diary you decide to write should relate to the entries within it. 90003 90002 Your diary entries should be shorter narratives, and here are 8 tips to consider when writing entries: 90003 90014 1.Brainstorm what you’re going to write about 90015 90002 Take a few minutes before you begin writing to decide what you’re entry is going to be about. Hopefully you have already decided what your diary is about, so dig a bit deeper into the topic or topics you have decided to focus on and get specific. 90003 90014 2. Ask yourself questions 90015 90002 To get yourself writing, ask yourself questions: 90003 90022 90023 What did you learn today? 90024 90023 What do you want to accomplish? 90024 90023 What do you want to fix? 90024 90023 How are you feeling? 90024 90041 90002 These can relate to your general life, or specific parts of it, but turn inward and ask yourself things.90003 90014 3. Write down your answers 90015 90002 Your diary entry can be your answers to the questions you have asked yourself. This is a great way to get writing when you do not know what to write about. 90003 90014 4. Pick a format 90015 90002 Your entries can be in all different types of formats, depending on what you’re writing about. Maybe you are making a list of things you want to accomplish in your future. Maybe you’re writing about a conversation you had, or wish you had.Maybe your entry is just bullet points of thought you have had that day. Some people prefer writing in short notes, others like writing in detailed paragraphs. Decide what you enjoy most and go for it. 90003 90014 5. Make them different 90015 90002 Try and have a variety of different entries, so you do not get bored. You may be writing about a certain type of topic, but you never want to write the same entry. Differentiating your entries will also highlight progresses you’ve made and things you have learned.90003 90014 6. Do not be hard on yourself while you’re writing 90015 90002 Your diary is a judgement-free zone, so do not feel like they need to be perfect. Let the words flow. 90003 90014 7. Keep your thoughts in order 90015 90002 Your entries date themselves, so you know when you write what, but also try and keep your thoughts in order. Your diary will become a journey as you add more entries, try to keep the narrative something you can follow. For example, try to write about events in the sequence they happened.Avoid jumping around. 90003 90014 8. Get your creative juices flowing 90015 90002 Your entries do not just have to be words, Penzu also let’s you add pictures. Adding some visuals to your entries will add some colourful and vibrant reminders. 90003 90004 To Write a Diary Entry with Penzu 90005 90002 Penzu offers easy-to-use diary software, so you can create a digital diary that can be accessed anywhere. 90003 90124 90023 Go to Penzu.com to create a free account.90024 90023 Create a login and password you will easily remember. 90024 90023 Design your online diary to reflect your personality and your diary’s topic. 90024 90023 Give your journal a meaningful name. 90024 90023 Adjust your privacy setting to suit your preferences. 90024 90023 Choose ‘New Entry’ and begin writing! 90024 90137 90004 Tips for New Journal Writers 90005 90002 Is this your first time keeping a diary? Do not worry.There is a first time for everything. Here are some things to help you get the ball rolling: 90003 90014 Get excited 90015 90002 Look forward to starting a diary. It is both a fun and productive habit. 90003 90014 Reflect 90015 90002 Reflect on yourself, the people around you and what you believe is most important. Once you look back, then you can move forward. 90003 90014 Free write 90015 90002 Unstructured writing is probably the best way to start writing.Once you get into the habit of keeping a diary, you will then feel more comfortable with structure. 90003 90004 Keys To Successfully Writing a Diary 90005 90002 A diary is a personal journey and should not be compared to any other writings, but here are a few way you can get the most out of your experience. 90003 90014 Be honest 90015 90002 Your diary is for your eyes only, so be honest with yourself. Do not hide anything or hold back. 90003 90014 Be frequent 90015 90002 The more often you write, the better.90003 90014 Be natural 90015 90002 Do not try to write a certain way, just be yourself. 90003 90002 Like we said in the beginning, the earlier you start keeping a diary, the more grateful you will be later on, so sign-up with Penzu today! 90003 90014 There’s no time like the present — start your free online journal today! 90015 Create your Journal » .90000 What is a Diary and Why Should I Keep One? 90001 90002 You probably do not have many places you can write honestly about things that matter the most to you. You talk to friends and family, think about things quietly to yourself, but rarely do you get these thoughts onto paper. Everyone needs a safe space to discuss how they feel, without worrying about other people’s opinions. Think of a diary as safe haven for this. 90003 90004 So, what exactly is a diary? 90005 90002 A diary is a place where you record events, experiences and other personal things that interest you.You can write about whatever you like, free of outside judgment or criticism. It should be an extension of your mind: safe and free. A diary can be whatever you decide and should be a place where you can be honest. 90003 90004 Why write in a diary? 90005 90002 Diary writing can be therapeutic, productive and creative. If you have ever wanted a place to vent, reflect and grow, a diary is that place. Here are some top benefits of keeping a diary: 90003 90012 Private and Honest 90013 90002 When talking to people, sometimes we feel as though we can not be 100% honest.We worry about what people think, how they will react and feel. We worry about how people will perceive us after we share our thoughts and feelings with them. With a diary, you do not have to worry about anyone but yourself. Be as honest as you can possibly be. Your diary is for your eyes only, and with Penzu, is kept that way. 90003 90012 Looking back 90013 90002 Diaries are also a great way to record life experiences and learn from them. What you think about one thing today is probably different then how you will think about it next week, next month or even next year.Since a diary is comprised of dated entries, you will express your feelings towards something when it is very fresh in your mind. You can then look back on those entries in the future and see how your feelings may have changed, or maybe how they have stayed the same. 90003 90012 Practice writing 90013 90002 If you have ever wanted to get better at writing, the only way is to just write. By keeping a diary, and writing about what you know and what you care about, you can practice your writing in a very casual way.When writing in your diary, you do not need to worry about anything but writing. You do not have to get caught up in grammar or sentence structure. You can just write freely and, as time goes on, you can see how your writing evolves. 90003 90012 Relax 90013 90002 Writing can be very therapeutic and it a great way to relieve stress. If there are any things you may be worried about or are weighing on your mind, getting them down on paper is a wonderful way to get these things off your chest and off your mind.90003 90012 Find resolutions 90013 90002 Keeping a diary is a great way of problem solving. Maybe you are having trouble with a friend or a work colleague? Maybe you are not sure how to move forward with something? By writing down your grievances, problems and questions, you will be able to read through them and think through them more clearly. With a diary, you do not have to keep everything bottled up inside. You can express how you are feeling and work through your thoughts and problems with your own words.90003 90004 10 Types of Diaries 90005 90002 While your diary can be about whatever you like, here are some diary topics to get you started: 90003 90036 90037 Academic Diary 90038 90037 Food Diary 90038 90037 Health Diary 90038 90037 School Diary 90038 90037 Secret Diary 90038 90037 Wedding Diary 90038 90037 Work Diary 90038 90037 Travel Diary 90038 90037 Bible Diary 90038 90037 Five year diary 90038 90057 90002 There are many more different types of diaries and reasons for writing them, but we want you discover them for yourself! Sign-up with Penzu and find more benefits today! 90003 90012 There’s no time like the present — start your free online journal today! 90013 Create your Journal » .

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