Some people know but they are too shy to speak: 1. Прочитайте текст. Заполните пропуски 1 -7, выбрав из вариантов a —d. Not a problem. Some people know 8 __ but they are too shy to speak foreign languages. Some people know little but they overcome this problem 9 ___. Once a famous European writer 10___ to an American girl. The American, speaking in the writer’s native language, asked him why he had never visited 11 ____ United States. “I know only a few sentences 12___ English,” answered the writer. “What are 13___ sentences ?” Asked the girl. “How do you do? I love you. Forgive me. Ham and eggs, please,” answered the writer. “But,” said the girl, “with that vocabulary you 14____ travel all over my country.” A) much b) little c) many d) a little A) easy b) easiest c) easily d) easier A) talked b) was talking c) talks d) is talking A) a) b) the c) an d) – A) by b) at c) on d) in A) the b) a c) — d) an A) have to b) mustn’t c) can d) had to

Задание 2.1. Прочитайте текст. Измените слова справа так, чтобы они

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